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Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework

The Department of Health and Social Care yesterday published The Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework for 2019/20 to 2023/24: supporting delivery for the NHS Long Term Plan jointly with the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, and NHS England and NHS Improvement.

This agreement translates commitments in the NHS Long Term Plan into a five-year contractual framework, setting out an ambitious programme of work to help more people stay well within the community.  The framework sets out the introduction of new clinical services to develop and expand the role of community pharmacy across three key areas: prevention, urgent care and medicines safety, with community pharmacies further integrated as part of local Primary Care Networks in the way they deliver services.  This new, five-year vision puts community pharmacy on a firm footing and offers more certainty to pharmacy owners and a more fulfilling clinical career for community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

In response Liz Fidler, APTUK President said “The publication of the NHS England community pharmacy contractual framework provides a great opportunity to build on the clinical services provided by community pharmacy to enhance patient care.

Pharmacy Technicians are essential to supporting the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan. For instance, they have the necessary knowledge and skills to support patients with optimising their medicines.

Using the skills of pharmacy technicians will enable pharmacists to focus valuable expertise on clinical activities for the benefit of patients and wider health economy, and this is essential if pharmacy is to deliver what it is being asked to do under the NHS Long Term Plan, GP contract and community pharmacy contract.

Public Health and prevention are key areas where pharmacy technicians can contribute to making a difference. There are many models already in place through Health Living Pharmacy initiatives which demonstrate their key role.

The Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK welcomes the opportunity to work with key partners and stakeholders to realise the value pharmacy technicians can contribute to delivering healthier outcomes for patients.”


The Contractual Framework can be found here:

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