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Independent Review of Community Pharmacy Clinical Services

Published: 14th December 2016

Dr Keith Ridge, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, in April 2016, commissioned an ‘Independent Review of Community Pharmacy Clinical Services’ to help inform on the future provision of clinical pharmacy services. The review was chaired by Richard Murray, Director of Policy at the King’s Fund and the final report was published on 14th December 2016.

The review draws upon the Five Year Forward View in October 2014 and the General Practice Forward View in April 2016 and proposals for new models of care within a future NHS. Commenting on the final report Dr Ridge indicated that ‘the review ……points the way to a more clinical future for community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians which will help patients to benefit from their expertise as clinical healthcare professionals.’

A peer-reviewed literature review, to look at the evidence of clinical elements within the current community pharmacy contact, undertaken by Professor David Wright, University of East Anglia, and an advisory group acting as an expert panel helped inform Richard Murray in making his recommendations to the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England.

The report informs that ‘We of course need to note that `community pharmacy’ does not consist only of pharmacists. Community pharmacy teams also include Pharmacy Technicians, who are a regulated profession in their own right. The advisory group supporting this review included representation from the Pharmacy Technician profession and our recommendations cover this group as well as pharmacists, recognising the essential role they already play as well as their scope to take on new roles.’

Commenting on the report, Tess Fenn, APTUK President, said: 

“It is pleasing to see that the report recognises, to enable community pharmacy to provide better patient outcomes as part of wider integrated services, that this not only includes community pharmacists but also Pharmacy Technicians as ‘highly trained and registered professionals, as an underutilised resource’.  APTUK are also heartened to read that within the recommendations there is a call for the regulations to be amended ‘…….to allow registered pharmacy technicians to work under Patient Group Directions (PGDs) to allow better use of skill-mix in delivering clinical pharmacy services.’ APTUK have long supported this, as can be read in our PGD position statement of 2013, and we give our full commitment to making this a realisation.’

 To read the full report and the evidence review click here


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