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GPhC Launch Consultation on Initial Education and Training Standards for Pharmacy Technicians

Published: 8th December 2016, 9:26 p.m.

The General Pharmaceutical Council today have launched the awaited ‘Consultation on Initial Education and Training Standards for Pharmacy Technicians’, which will be open to respondents until the 1st March 2017.

The standards development was supported by an external group with expertise and knowledge of Pharmacy Technician education and training and used feedback from the GPhC’s discussion papers; Tomorrow’s Pharmacy Team (2015) and Standards for Pharmacy Professionals (2016) - which builds on the 2014 paper Patient-centred Professionalism in Pharmacy.

The outcomes of the recent study, ‘Identifying the Roles of Pharmacy Technicians in the UK’ commissioned by the University of East Anglia and undertaken in collaboration with the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK),  has also been used as a valuable source of information. The study informed on the common cores to the Pharmacy Technician roles in community and hospital pharmacy, but that there are also differences.

The standards are structured into two parts that link together, with Part 1 focusing on the learning outcomes which include knowledge, skills, understanding and professional behaviours, to be demonstrated by the Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician by the end of their course leading to registration with the GPhC.

Part 2 includes the standards and requirements of a course delivering the learning outcomes in Part 1 and is aimed at course providers.

The part 1 standards are grouped together under four ‘domains’ of study: 1. Person-centred care; 2. Professionalism; 3. Professional knowledge and skills; 4. Collaboration. The domains are linked to the regulator’s nine standards for Pharmacy professionals.

Commenting on the launch, APTUK President, Tess Fenn said:

“APTUK are delighted that the IET standards for Pharmacy Technicians have been launched today as these have been long awaited. It is pleasing to see that the GPhC have engaged with a wide range of stakeholders and Pharmacy Technician education experts, including APTUK, to develop standards that reflect the current and emerging roles of Pharmacy Technicians as registered and regulated professionals in their own right. The need to support effective decision-making abilities, understanding of working as a professional and working independently and within the pharmacy team in the standards is a positive step forward for the pharmacy profession as a whole. It is also reassuring that within the launch narrative the GPhC acknowledge that ‘Pharmacy Technicians have a vital and increasing role in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.’The consultation, as well as the IETs, is asking for feedback on changes to the entry criteria onto the GPhC register and APTUK is encouraged that proposals include Pharmacy Technician's being able to supervise the Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician. APTUK join the GPhC in encouraging the Pharmacy profession to respond to the consultation, as never was there a more crucial time than now to ensure that the new final standards are fit for purpose. APTUK will be supporting their members, their network of branches and the Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy profession as a whole to respond through a series of activities including webinars.”


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