Summary of my experience as a National Officer - Mary Carter


Summary of my experience as a National Officer - Mary Carter

In 2015 I applied to join the APTUK professional committee as a National Officer. I am proud to be a pharmacy technician and decided to share my passion by becoming involved with my professional leadership body, APTUK.

I was successful in my application and at first I felt a bit daunted by my new role. I soon felt welcomed into the family of fellow national officers and directors who also give up their time to support the organisation and its aims. I have faced new challenges in this role and have been able to gain new knowledge and learn new skills which have been helpful in my day job and will also contribute to my CV and Revalidation requirements

The role of APTUK national officer brings you into contact with a whole new network of pharmacy professionals and organisations. Being involved with national objectives and agendas provides you with insight into how pharmacy technicians are contributing to professional patient centred care both now and in the future.

Through being a National Officer for APTUK I have discovered a new found motivation for my role as a pharmacy technician and a desire to motivate other pharmacy technicians to be the best they can and work to the top of their licence.

I have felt a great sense of belonging and professional engagement as a National Officer for APTUK and I feel truly privileged to have been given the opportunity to represent my profession at a national level through this position.

Mary Carter

Revalidation Officer

July 2015 to June 2018


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