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As a pharmacy technician registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council I'm always looking for innovative ways to achieve revalidation activities. In May 2017 I came across a series of live tweets by Canadian pharmacy technician  Amanda Mushynski about the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT) conference that she was attending.

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In 2015 I applied to join the APTUK professional committee as a National Officer. I am proud to be a pharmacy technician and decided to share my passion by becoming involved with my professional leadership body, APTUK.

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It’s Thursday.

The week has been very busy, and a plan for a quiet Thursday catching up on office work has become a little derailed due to a serious incident that has been uncovered recently.

I work for NEL CSU, a commissioning support unit that provides services of one sort or another to CCGs all over England.

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I always look forward to Thursdays as I get an opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to support patients in managing their anticoagulant therapy. Thursday is also a clinic day where I get to see a number of patients to provide warfarin counselling.

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This could be a tough question for me, as my job these days is being the President of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians but reflecting on this all that I do is linked with improving patient safety. How, you might ask, as I spend my time attending meetings, attending conferences, presenting on behalf of APTUK and pharmacy technicians, chairing meetings, responding to emails and requests, responding to consultations, nationally and locally advocating the role of pharmacy technicians, developing strategies, polices , supporting the APTUK team of Directors and Professional Committee National Officers and much much more.

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Most children will experience at least one ear infection, while adults often have hearing issues due to age or noise exposure

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