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Celebrating World PT day 2021

Pharmacy Technician Day 2021

Every year, countries across the globe come together to celebrate the hard work of pharmacy technicians on World Pharmacy Technician Day, which in 2021 was on October 19th.

To help us celebrate, we decided to share successes by giving a shout out on social media to individuals who have soared to new heights or have simply been amazing over the last year. (And we knew there would be loads of you!)

So we asked for nominations for fellow pharmacy technicians (they didn’t need to be a member of APTUK), with a summary of  where they were from and why they had been nominated.  

We were inundated!

Throughout the day we celebrated some amazing achievements from all over the UK. 

Take a look at our members news article: nominate to celebrate to see a selection of the nominations.

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