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APTUK President and Vice President term of office announcement

Liz Fidler, President and Ellen Williams, Vice President have today made the following announcement:

Liz Fidler, President and Ellen Williams, Vice President have today made the following announcement:

The past 3 years as President and Vice President of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK has been a huge privilege. We are honoured to have served the professional leadership body, particularly throughout the challenges faced by a global pandemic; raising the profile of pharmacy technicians and working with key stakeholders to realise the potential of the profession when enabled by appropriate legislation, policy, and educational opportunities.

During this time, we have built on our pledge to increase membership and support APTUK with becoming a modern professional leadership body that pharmacy technicians can be proud to be a member of.

We are proud of the many key successes which include:

  • engaging with key stakeholders to improve access to educational opportunities
  • leading an organisational EDI programme, and co-chairing the Inclusive Pharmacy Practice Plan
  • reviewing the organisation’s environmental impact and identifying areas for change and improvement
  • development of a National Competency Framework for Primary Care Pharmacy Technicians
  • engaging in work around supervision, registration, and Initial Education & Training standards
  • providing guidance to support the profession through its response to the pandemic
  • establishing strong relationships with key pharmacy organisations and leaders across the UK.

We have modernised the company’s operational structure and developed and recruited to a paid operations lead post, a key post that makes a massive difference to the day to day running of APTUK. We have led teams of volunteers, digitally transformed the organisation’s offer to members and branches, introduced direct debit systems and new payment methods, and worked tirelessly to support the sustainability of the professional leadership body.

As part of our sustainability plans, we have invested considerable time exploring partnership models to build in capacity and resource to support the volunteers who give their time and expertise to represent the profession and provide much needed advice to policy makers and pharmacy organisations. All with the goal of bringing in finance to convert voluntary posts to substantive.

Membership is at its highest and we reflect on the incredible people we have worked with to deliver APTUKs strategy. We are proud to have worked with pharmacy technician leaders across many sectors and countries and reflect that the profession is in safe hands.

Leading APTUK over these past few years has been driven by our immense pride in our profession, passion to see it continue to grow and develop, and a commitment to ensure the future sustainability of a professional leadership body led by pharmacy technicians for pharmacy technicians. Fulfilling these roles in a voluntary capacity, whilst working full time, undertaking post registration education, and balancing busy home lives perhaps provides some indication of the level of that passion and commitment. Inevitably however, this can be difficult to sustain for a long period of time.

For any voluntary organisation, it is also important that opportunities are available for new people to contribute fresh ideas, energy and passion to the committee; helping to maintain momentum and ensuring that the Association continues to develop and strive for excellence. It is this approach, and the commitment of some incredible pharmacy technicians over the past 70 years that has enabled APTUK to thrive!

So, whilst we are incredibly proud of what we have helped the Association to achieve during the past 3 years, it is with sadness that we announce that we have reached the difficult decision not to stand for another term of office. This means that our term will conclude on the 28th of February 2022. Recruitment/election processes will be communicated to members soon.

This is an exciting time for a new President and Vice President who will be supported by a dedicated, motivated, and passionate executive committee, and we will launch our 2022-2026 Strategy in January as planned.

We will offer our full support and will provide a robust handover and induction to the incoming President and Vice President. It is a privileged position to be in and both of us recognise that new leadership is critical to ensure organisations remain reflective of the members they serve.

We will continue to be active and committed APTUK members and will hand over the chain of office at our Membership Business Meeting and 70 years awards dinner in April 2022.

Liz and Ellen

Liz Fidler FAPharmT, President and Ellen Williams FAPharmT, Vice President
Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK


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