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Data collation for Pre-Registration Training Pharmacy Technicians

GPhC data collation for Pre-Registration Training Pharmacy Technicians

Nicola Stockmann, Vice President APTUK has written a letter to the GPhC to encourage the collection of data for Pre-Registration Training Pharmacy Technicians.

You can read the letter here and below.

Dear colleagues,

The Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK) value the GPHC data for Pharmacy Technician registrants to track the growth and diversity of the Pharmacy Technician profession.

With ongoing inclusive pharmacy practice priorities, APTUK has an organisational pledge to continue this work of all themes through actions. The demographics of the Pharmacy Technician workforce continue to have a majority of white British registrants and identifying as female; the high-level data collated which is currently available on the GPHC website does not capture those who are actively enrolled on an approved course or qualification for Pharmacy Technicians.

APTUK believe it is essential that the GPHC collates this information at point of commencement of training, in addition to the data of registered pharmacy technicians. The purpose is to identify systemic barriers to accessing and completing the Pharmacy Technician course or qualifications. APTUK extend the offer of working collaboratively to act following the collation of the data to ensure a diverse and equitable access to the Pharmacy Technician profession.

Additionally, by collating and utilising this data, the pipeline for the workforce transformation priorities will be available. This will support recruitment and retention in line with the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan and any future legislative enablers. Additionally, the value of attrition data would allow identification of barriers to enable significant growth of a diverse, inclusive, and talented Pharmacy Technician workforce.

Kind regards,

Nicola Stockmann

Vice President | Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK

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