Pharmacy Technician Day 2018


Pharmacy Technician Day 2018

#JoinUS @APTUK1 in celebrating the essential role of a Pharmacy Technician - Pharmacy Technician Day Tuesday 16th October 2018.

This year  APTUK will again be supporting this  social media campaign which aims to raise the profile of the profession and  to celebrate the fantastic diverse roles carried out by Pharmacy Technicians. Following the success of last years event  the campaign has grown and has gone international, with Pharmacy Technicians celebrating from right  across the globe,  from America to Austrailia amongst others!

APTUK encourages Pharmacy Technicians to join in this years' celebrations - the theme for which is 'Celebrating the essential role of the Pharmacy Technician'.

Here’s how you can get involved:

2018 #RXTechDay Hall of Fame gallery  – Send in your Individual and Team Photo’s.

To celebrate #RxTechDay and to showcase the work that you and your pharmacy teams do, APTUK would love you to send in photos to us from October 1st to go onto the website (send to Download the poster from the link below, have your photo taken and share with us to show you will be celebrating.

You may also choose to share your photo on social media using #RxTechDay on 16th October and showcase what you are doing on the day – more info to follow.

Download Graphics and Badges to Share: Graphics are available for your social media and website, and badges/stickers for your pharmacy team to wear, click here to go to the PTCB website to view and download graphics.

Write an article for our Website Blog

We want to share in the fantastic work being done by pharmacy technicians and celebrate the diversity of your roles. Therefore as part of your celebrations why not write  a short article ( max 500 words) that will be published on our website showcasing your role. For further information and to request an article template please contact APTUKs engagement officer: îœ•

More Ways for Pharmacy Technicians to celebrate

  • Get Social: Talk about your role as a Pharmacy Technician on your pharmacy team, and use #RxTechDay @APTUK1 on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media.‬
  • #JoinUs @APTUK1: #PlusONE Campaign, If you have pledged, are going to pledge or have already recruited your ‘plusone’ we’d love to hear from you.  Send a tweet or post on Facebook and let us know how you are getting on and using the #plusone. 
  • Some example tweets are below:                                                                                                                                                          I’ve recruited my #plusone #APTUK18 #membershipchallenge  @xxxxxxxxx is my #plusone – welcome to @APTUK1 #APTUK18 ~membershipchallenge 
  • Visit the CPPE website to participate in Pharmacy Technician day challenges
  • Join in the @WePharmacists #WePh hosted tweet chat on from 8pm on the evening of 16th October. This year you will also be able to participate in the chat throughout the day, as a number of questions will be shared at various times.

Special Pharmacy Activities

Make patients more aware of the important role technicians play in their health care! Here are a few simple ideas for activities in your pharmacy:

• Decorate Your Pharmacy: Let everyone know its Pharmacy Technician Day.  
• Create a Poster: Display a poster showing photos and names of technicians on your team.
• Co-ordinate Special Health Events: Set up an event to conduct inhaler technique reviews or other pharmacy-based patient care services.
• Host a Party for the Community: Invite community members to come for refreshments.
• Serve Lunch: Host a special lunch event for pharmacy technicians and team members.
• Make Announcements: Use Internal communications to showcase how pharmacy technicians are raising the bar for patient safety
• Review Information on Medications: Offer your patients a chance to discuss their medication and showcase the importance of their understanding all medications they take. Print off resources for patients to take away.
• Educate the Public on Pharmacy Technicians' Roles: Set up a display at your pharmacy, hospital, or other practice location that highlights some key roles of pharmacy technicians and how patients can better utilise the knowledge of their pharmacy staff. 


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