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Technicians UK (APTUK)
The Professional Leadership Body for Pharmacy Technicians

At the APTUK Annual Conference in Glasgow on 17th June 2018, in her President’s Address, Tess Fenn described that never was there such an important time for pharmacy technicians, as fundamental members of the pharmacy team, to collectively rise to challenges and to take opportunities wherever possible.  She added that it was essential that the role of the pharmacy technician is maintained and developed and that APTUK, as the professions’ leadership body, continues to influence how roles can be utilised to develop and enhance services to improve patient care and outcomes.  

After recounting the work that had been achieved by the professional committee’s workstreams and   the representation, the President, Directors and National Officers had carried out on behalf of the members at numerous committees and consultations, Tess asked delegates to take a moment to reflect and imagine what it would be like without APTUK.

This year we have increased our membership by 16% and the number of members continues to steadily rise.  However, to ensure we can continue to do our work as a professional leadership body and are representative of all pharmacy technicians we need to encourage more pharmacy technicians to join APTUK.  

To help achieve this, Tess set a challenge to members at conference, asking the delegates to stand and pledge to recruit one member each.  The ‘plusone’ #APTUK18 membership challenge was launched.  If all members recruited one more member by conference next year, could we double our membership?  Achievable – yes!

So, if you stood and pledged, how are you getting on? Have you recruited your ‘plusone’ yet?  If not, we urge you to be advocates for your profession and spread the leadership message encouraging your colleagues to join as members.

We are now promoting the campaign post conference, on our website and via social media to encourage all pharmacy technicians to make a personal pledge and take on the ‘plusone’ #APTUK18 membership challenge to recruit one more member.

If you have pledged, are going to pledge or have already recruited your ‘plusone’ we’d love to hear from you.  Send a tweet or post on Facebook and let us know how you are getting on and using the #plusone.  Some example tweets are below:

I’ve pledged to recruit one more member #plusone #APTUK18 #membershipchallenge

I’ve recruited my #plusone #APTUK18 #membershipchallenge

@xxxxxxx is my #plusone – welcome to @APTUK1 #APTUK18 ~membershipchallenge

Good Luck – we look forward to hearing about your progress and thank you for your support!


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