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APTUK will endevour to keep you upto date with events happening around the country.

If you have anything in your Branch or Region you want to display on the website then please contact 


February 2018




Managing Pain: Making it Happen

7th February 2018, Guy's Hospital London

June 2018



More Information Coming Soon ...

At members request - the venue can be moved around the 4 countries


December 2017 to December 2018

The UKCPA is delighted to invite you to visit our enhanced events listing here:
8th December, Starting Out in Critical Care, Manchester
19th Jan 2018, Leeds, UKCPA Foundation Course: Basic principles of pharmaceutical care

7th Feb 2018, London, Managing pain: Making it happen

9th Feb 2018, Birmingham, Infections of the liver, can we deal with them?

9th Mar 2018, London, Starting out in critical care

15th Jun 2018, Newcastle, Starting out in critical care

22th Jun 2018, London, Women's health - mind and body

21st Sep 2018, Birmingham, Infection Masterclass

25th Sep 2018, London, Caring for the eldery in care homes

28th Sep 2018, London, Critical Care advanced practitioner meeting

7th Dec 2018, Merseyside, Starting out in critical care

Additional events will be added in due course.

January to March 2018


Pharmacy Tutor Training Day

Tuesday January 16th 2018 (Hull) 

Sunday 4th March 2018 (Wakefield)  


Further dates to be scheduled


March 2018


The 3rd annual Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Conference: “Improving quality in pharmacy practice”

Thursday 15 March 2018 at the Kia Oval, London.

 Through talks and workshops we will consider what a system-wide, high quality, patient-focused NHS pharmacy service would look like, how pharmacy professionals across the NHS can collectively work together to achieve it, and what further steps we need to take to contribute to providing world class healthcare for patients.

The conference agenda will feature leaders from across the NHS and beyond.

We expect the conference to book up quickly so recommend that you reserve your place now


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