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The Joint National Plan, and associated documents, can be found on our EDI pages here 

The aim of our work here is to support health inequalities within our diverse communities.

Part of the plan is to signpost to training and education resources that support cultural competence and inclusive practice.

On this page you can explore resources available. 

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How to deliver culturally competent healthcare for communities and people with an ethnic minority background

An Inclusive Pharmacy Practice resource for all pharmacy professionals

Public Health England and the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s team at NHS England and NHS Improvement, working with partners, have developed this resource pack to signpost pharmacy teams across all parts of the NHS system to resources that can help you better:

  • Understand and interpret local population health data on health outcomes and inequalities.
  • Engage and work with communities and people with an ethnic minority background to design culturally competent and tailored approaches to healthcare delivery.

There are many factors that impact our health and wellbeing, including our behaviours, the places that we live in, the care we receive, and the genes we were born with. By understanding the population we serve, through better use of health data and being more culturally aware, pharmacy teams in secondary and primary care and community settings can improve care they provide to the people they serve and mitigate against health inequalities.

You can download the resources pack here.

Practice Educators

For those directly supporting trainees, such as pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians (PTPT). Readily available learning that can be used to inform practice as an educator and pharmacy professional.

EDI and Transgender Healthcare Resources 

Diversity, Equal Opportunities and Human Rights

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are central to the NHS, in terms of both employment and service delivery. This session offers the opportunity to consider your role in relation to EDI and explore the key principles involved. Throughout the session there are opportunities to apply the learning to practice through carrying out activities and reflecting on these.

Helping others Learn

The aim of this learning programme is to provide an overview of teaching and learning theory for adults and includes case study examples available for use or adaptation in your workplace, with consideration for EDI.

Transgender healthcare - consulting with dignity and respect

Learn how to: 

  • describe some of the issues the transgender and non-binary community face within healthcare
  • introduce measures to make your pharmacy more inclusive and a safe space for the transgender and non-binary people accessing your services
  • demonstrate a team approach to supporting transgender and non-binary people with health and social care issues.

Includes an option to supporting the future workforce develop their professional identity as part of the community and its diversity, as a community immersion project.  An example of which can be accessed here

An accessible and timely resource to share with learners and teams from Future Learn: Exploring Intersectionality and What Makes You Unique 

Note this is not health focused, it provides a contemporary and accessible resource

Meaning and Application of Cultural Competence

An overview related to physiotherapy that offers a range of questions to guide a self assessment of recruitment and induction to a post, within the context of cultural competence:

CPS The Meaning and Application of Cultural Competence

CIPD Tackling racism in the workplace hub

If you want to know more the follow articles, references provide a route to developing a greater depth of understanding. 

CIPD Tackling Racism in the Workplace Hub

CIPD Inclusion and Diversity 

CIPD Race Discrimination

CIPD Health Checker Tool


RPS Race Microaggression resources

Training Programme Leads

Resources which are aimed at those supporting teams and others in their role as educators.

Differential Attainment

An open access resource which will support those co-ordinating training programmes. Whilst the context is for medical trainees, and predominantly international medical graduates (IMG) the key learnings and guidance provided can be adapted to run sessions for supervisors across pharmacy.

HEE Differential Attainment

ASHP Voices (podcast) 

Articles and References

The following require an Athens Account. 

Institutional strategies to achieve diversity and inclusion in pharmacy education

Centre for Ethnic Health Research

The Centre for Ethnic Health Research, offers training and existing infrastructure for public engagement and involvement to help improve the quality, quantity and impact of research output in the area of ethnic and migrant health.

Centre for Ethnic Health Research – Toolkits

Centre for Ethnic Health Research – Resources 

Leadership Skills and Development

An overview of programmes which aim to support individuals in their leadership as part of being a pharmacy professional. 

Note: The programmes from the Leadership Academy are currently paused for new enrolments due to Covid-19.

Leadership Programmes

The stepping up programme

Ready now programme

Developing people improving care framework

Talent management guides

What do we mean by talent management

BAME fellowship programme

Health Inequalities 

Coming soon....

Record my learning outcomes


Inspiring stories related to health, fitness and the pursuit of wellbeing


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