Association of Pharmacy
Technicians UK (APTUK)
The Professional Leadership Body for Pharmacy Technicians


  1. Turning the tide

    Following the Which? report that highlighted poor service, has the root of the problem been found? 
  2. What's in a name ?

    Since pharmacy technicians registered, there have been questions over roles, responsibilities and accountability.
  3. Vaccination in practice

    During 2012/13, only 50 per cent of at-risk patients in England were vaccinated against flu
  4. Coughs, colds and flu

    This team training learning module looks at coughs, cold and flu.
  5. Spreading the word

    Ali Wyldbore is passionate about improving the health of her community
  6. Support for smokers

    This team training module focuses on support for smokers.
  7. Shin splints

    This pharmacy scenario considers how to help a customer who is suffering from shin splints.
  8. Secrets of success: EHC

    The evaluation of the HLP programme in England highlighted the vital role that pharmacy teams play.
  9. In the workplace: time off to boost your career

    A sabbatical can enhance your career prospects, but the first step is convincing your employer.
  10. Embracing change

    Siân Hopgood is embracing her new responsibilities as an ACT
  11. Parasites

    This team training module looks at parasites and head lice
  12. Whatever comes her way

    Thanks to her passion for training and her supportive team, Rehana Rasool is ready for any challenge
  13. Upping the ante on medicines advice

    What progress has been made in improving medicines advice?
  14. Older people's health

    This team training module looks at older people's health
  15. A friendly face

    When the pharmacy where Heather James worked became a Day Lewis Pharmacy, a new world opened up to her
  16. Getting on board

    Since becoming a health champion, Lisa Miller is relishing the opportunity to make every contact count
  17. Balancing act

    For Nadine Kacprowicz, working in a busy pharmacy is all about multitasking, teamwork and being a friendly face
  18. In the workplace: get your hours in shape

    Anyone is entitled to ask their employer for flexible working arrangements, but do your homework first.
  19. The personal touch

    Treating her customers like friends helps Catherine Dawes to get to the bottom of their problems
  20. Confused and underused

    A recent study has thrown into question the roles and responsibilities of pharmacy support staff.
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