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Medicines Administration Operating Framework Principles

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Medicines Administration Operating Framework Principles

APTUK - Pharmacy Technicians - Medicines Administration Operating Framework Principles


APTUK have produced this operating framework to assist the pharmacy technician profession and employers to provide a flexible approach to support a changing work environment to enable the professions skills to be utilised.

Please note that this operating framework varies in its recommendations to what would normally be considered appropriate requirements and expectations of pharmacy technicians wishing to enhance their skills and provide medicines administration roles as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The training programmes provided have been shared by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as a tool to support the education and training of pharmacy technicians moving into this role. APTUK recognises that there are other training packages available and would encourage pharmacy technicians to utilise their local ones if available. APTUK also recognises that the training packages provided are robust and reliant on available healthcare professionals to be available to support training, this may not be the case over coming weeks so APTUK proposes that training begins now where possible and is locally flexed to support current working environments.


Pharmacy technicians are registered professionals and will make a professional judgement around their competence and practice.

The documents below are written as enablers.

LTHTR MAPT - Fast Track Training Programme (COVID-19) April 2020

LTHTR MAPT - Training Programme March 2020

LTHTR MAPT - Medicines Management Powerpoint

Pharmacy Technicians and Medicines Administration - Operating Principles COVID-19 March 2020

This operating framework and training resource are provided for application across the UK; however, it is recognised that each home country may have different resources to support the implementation of pharmacy technicians performing this role.

 Pharmacy technicians are well positioned to assist in this pandemic, and we would urge employers to support in a proportionate and safe way.


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