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Climate Emergency

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APTUK Climate Emergency Declaration

  1. We acknowledge the threat of the climate emergency and its disastrous effect on population 
  2. We acknowledge that this crisis requires immediate and radical action.
  3. We are committed, as an organisation to opposing this crisis and promoting and embedding 
    environmental sustainability in all our processes.
  4. We will incorporate sustainability into all future policies and corporate decisions.
  5. We have no investments in fossil fuels or other environmentally harmful products, and we 
    commit to never developing them.
  6. We commit to advocate, educate, and influence our members on climate health so they can 
    practice, work and live in more sustainable ways.

What we already do

  • The vast majority of our meetings are now held via teleconference, therefore reducing the impact of 
    travel. When we do travel, we travel by public transport where possible and we choose venues for 
    meetings which are easily accessible via public transport.
  • Emailing payment receipts. Emailing invoices wherever possible. Providing reimbursement for 
    expenses or speaker fees via bank transfer rather than posted cheques.
  • We only print documents when necessary and we have a cloud-based sharing system for our APTUK 
    Directors and Executive Committee members.

What we will commit to do

APTUK recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment, and we have recently committed to 
undertake a review of our current working practices in relation to sustainability and environmental 
We are committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance as an integral part of our 
business strategy and operational methods moving forwards. 


Click here to download a copy of this declaration. 

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